The Technoviking Meme

Technoviking is one of the earliest and, successful YouTube Memes. It is based on the art video, "Kneecam No. 1," by German film maker Matthias Fritsch. It features a tall, muscular, charismatic Man in his 30's, who danced in front of the camera at the Fuckparade in Berlin in 2000. "Kneecam No.1" was the first in a series of art videos that focused on the role of the camera and tested human perception. It was raising the question if the sequence is real or staged since it's dramaturgy and way of filming blurs the border between fiction and documentary. In 2007 the video was discovered by the YouTube community and posted by users in various other platforms. After being linked and discussed in different web sites and internet forums it got uploaded as "Technoviking" by user "BigCat8" on where the video had it's peak on September 28th 2007 with 2 million clicks over night. The video became an Internet Meme with thousands of remixes and many million views.

The Real Person

"Technoviking doesn't dance to the music, the music dances to Technoviking!" and there is no doubt that Technoviking is the only man to ever defeat Chuck Norris in a fight. But not much is known about the identity of the real Man. There are plenty of theories though: Some say he is a shop owner in Munich, some claim he is the kick boxer Keith Jardine, others call him "Harry the body builder" after an appearance in a TV show by Stefan Raab. But all those rumors are wrong! Since 2007 the Man – whose image and moves inspired the creation of the Technoviking Meme – successfully managed to keep his real identity out of the Internet and he doesn't participate at all in the fame that the video created. Isn't this admirable?! And imagine what he has to do to stay out of the limelight! One could conclude: while Technoviking "the Meme" is an Internet hero that conquered the hearts of millions of Internet users within the blink of an eye –  the real Man behind Technoviking is the definite Anti-Internet-Hero who rejects the digital sphere like no other.

The Film about the story of Technoviking

The film reconstructs the Technoviking career from an unknown art video to a popular meme with millions of hits. But for the artist Matthias Fritsch it is not only a very interesting cultural, political and artistic phenomenon but it also stands for years of legal struggles in court. Read more about the film

The trial about the phenomenon created immense costs and put the film maker into big financial trouble. So far the film reached more than a million clicks on the Internet. Unfotunately these free clicks neither buy the film maker any food nor pay his rent. Please support Matthias & donate right here. Thank you!

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