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(dowload here as PDF in German & Greek)
28. March 2013, Goethe-Institut, 20:30
Omirou Str. 14-16, Athens

Free Entrance


opening of the festival
with international award winner
Titloi Telous / Out of Frame (GR 2012, 10´)
by Yorgos Zois

Music: Bruno Spassky


film choir-music open system
by Marco Brosolo

MosivooR involves non-professional / non-academic composers, musicians
and singers to highlight the qualities of sensing music that every person has.

Stone Story (GR 2010, 17')
by Spyros Papanastasiou
composer: Marco Brosolo
choir conductor: Marco Brosolo
voice orchestra: Athens voices
The Force That Through the Green
Fire Fuels the Flower
(FI 2011, 8')
by Otto Kylmala, Short | Drama | Fantasy
composer: Marco Brosolo
choir conductor: Marco Brosolo
voice orchestra: Athens voices
Cerini (IT 2001, 1:30')
by Giovanni De Roia, 8mm color film
composer: Federico Albanese
choir conductor: Marco Brosolo
voice orchestra: Athens voices
The Athens Voices are:
Kika Antonatou, Vera Armeni, Aliki Avdelopoulou, Afroditi Mitsopoulou, Anna Pangalou, Irini Tsilafaki


L'idee (DE 1932, 25')
by Berthold Bartosh

A rare film from the time of German Avant-Garde by artist and architect Berthold Bartosh
in France. The film visualizes the story of a workers riot and is an example for the
difficult situation of avant-garde and leftist artist during the rise of Nazi-Germany

music by Minimaximum

- break -
Competition: Silent Film Pitching

Six directors will pitch their concepts for a new silent film in order
to win a grand of 1000 euro for the production of a new silent film.

moderation by Natasha Giannaraki

Click here to see the online teasers by the candidates!

29. March 2013, Goethe-Institut, 20:30
Omirou Str. 14-16, Athens

Free Entrance
Announcements of the winner for the production grand

Unknown commercials by German Avant-garde film makers
from 1910th & 20ies that used animation-techniques. 45'

Prosit Neujahr (1909, 1´)
by Guido Seeber for Kupferberg Gold
First known German animation film.
Music by Shin Hirai

Tanz der Flaschen (1912, 2´)
by Julius Pinschewer. Sektwerbung (Kupferberg Gold)
Music by Shin Hirai

Die geheimnisvolle Streichholzdose (1910, 3´)
Production by Deutsche Film-Industrie
Music by Johanna Borchert

Das Säugetier (1916/17, 8´)
by Robert L. Leon(h)ard, Propaganda-Film
Music by Miso Mou Pony

Der Sieger (1922, 3´)
by Julius Pinschewer & Walther Ruttman for Excelsior Tires
Music by Johannes Marx

Das Wunder (1922, 2:30´)
by Walther Ruttman & Julius Pischewer
for Kantorowicz-Liköre
Music by Marinos Koutsomichalis

Der Retter in der Not (1922, 3´)
Produktion: Werbe-Kunst-Film AG Berlin for Kaffee Hag
Music by Marinos Koutsomichalis

Die kluge Liese (1923, 4´)
by Hugo Matthias for Osram
Music by Marinos Koutsomichalis

Eisbärenfilm (1923, 2´)
Ford Automobile
Music by Johanna Borchert

Die Barcarole (1924, 3´)
by Julius Pinschewer & Lotte Reiniger for a
Chocolat-Dessert (Mauxion GmbH, Aachen).
Music by Johanna Borchert

FILM (KIPHO) (1925, 5:30')
by Julius Pinschewer & Guido Seeber for the Berlin Radio Fair
music by Marco Brosolo

- break -

Performances by Usaginingen (JP)

The Berlin based japanese artist-duo Usaginingen (English: Rabbit-Man)
presents live animated narrative Shortfilm created with their
self invented and self build machine for Live­animationen TA-CO
Live Animation: Emi Hirai using TA­CO

Rabbit and Horse
Music: Johannes Marx

The story of the Usaginingen
Music: Shin Hirai


30. March 2013, Beton 7, 20:30
Pydnas Str. 7, Votanicos, Athens

Free Entrance


Animation films by Greek Directors from the Festivalpool of
animasyros International Animation Festival + Forum
SUNNY (2012, 2:53')
by Yiannis Skourogiannis, Ilias Kasellas,
Mixed Techniques
Young Sunny has another boring day at school, when suddenly everything that he wished for is becoming a reality. However this is only in his imagination…
Music: Costinho

Think kites (2012, 6:56')
by Ilektra Poirazoglou
Stop Motion
Think Kites is a musical journey through a little boy's mind's eye where reality and everyday routine are bent into an exciting world of adventure.
Music: Costinho
Mr. Tetelin (2010, 8:10')
by Lili Kontodima
2D computer animation
Mr. Tetelin buys a new pair of pants,
but life is a crafty sewer.
Music: Johanna Borchert
Lullaby (2011, 3:55')
by Konstantinos Terlikkas
Engravings, Computer Cut out
A man sings a lullaby to a baby. As soon as the baby falls asleep, we are carried to his dream world and we are travelling with him. At the end, the dream world juxtaposed with the real one.
Music: Johanna Borchert
Abeyance (2011, 6:31')
by Eleni Miltsi, Stop Motion, Puppets
A middle aged woman lives alone and isolated in an apartment, having as its only goal to keep her house clean. Her perfectionism will lead her to get obsessed with vanishing one particular stain that won't go despite her ongoing efforts. Until one day...
Music: Johannes Marx
Engine Angelic (2010, 2:45')
by Katerina Athanasopoulou, mixed techniques
Beauty and brutality within an industrial dystopia. Gazi in Athens turns into an infanticidal mother that bears and consumes her own children.
Music: Johannes Marx
Size (2012, 2:42')
by Kyriakos Mavridis, Flash
A young man is forced by a giant person to work more and more. Until one day, when the young man realizes that something is wrong with their size difference.
Music: Moa Bones
Routes (2011, 1:02')
by Anastasia Dimitra, 2D animation
A brief representation of human psyche and thought. Τhoughts are playing games, sometimes being dark and depressing and sometimes happy or just empty... A symbolic approach strongly influenced by expressionism.
Music: Moa Bones
Stop Human Trafficking (2012, 1:37')
by Maria Douni
Music: Moa Bones
Childhood? (2012, 1:44')
by Electra Fotopoulou
Music: Moa Bones
Wolf Market (2012, 2:26')
by Natalia Qadreh
Music: Moa Bones
The Factory (2012, 2:41')
by Argiri Aroni
Music: Costinho
1,2 Million Children (2010, 2:14')
by Effie Pappa, cut-out
A third world child, pursuits the dream of freedom
but becomes a victim of exploitation.
Music: Costinho

- break -
Landschaft No.4 (DE 2011, 30')
by Matthias Fritsch
Drone-Sound-Performance for
Live-Musician & Video-Projection
Nikos Kyriazopoulos with his selfmade synthesizer

31. March 2013, Beton 7, 20:30
Pydnas Str. 7, Votanicos, Athens

Free Entrance


Animation films by German Directors from the filmpool of Moving Silence. ca. 50'

Die Stunde der Matronen (2008, 15')
by Jürgen Eckloff
Musik: Georgios Karamanolakis

Keimbett (2008, 5')
by Sandra Trierweiler
Music: Stefanos Psaradakis
Missing (2012, 2')
by Cristian Wiesenfeld
Music: Stefanos Psaradakis
1/2 (2012, 14')
by Kate Haase & Sebastian Hühnel
Music: Mohammad

MICROPHOBIA (2010, 7')
by Nikki Schuster
Music: Big Fat Lips

Kurzschluss (2009, 7')
by Xaver Xylophon
Music: Big Fat Lips
- break -

Usaginingen Performances ca. 30'
The Berlin based japanese artist-duo Usaginingen (English: Rabbit-Man) presents live animated abstract Shortvideos created with self invented and self build machines for live animations and percussion performances.

Live Animation: Emi Hirai using TA­CO

Music: Shin Hirai using Shinbaki


The festival is a production by Moving Silence platform and the
Goethe-Institut Athen in collaboration with Beton7.

The program is curated by Matthias Fritsch & the Goethe-Institut.
The Musicians are selected by Nektarios Pappas.
A special thank goes to Sofia Michaelidou!

Moving Silence was originally founded in summer 2009 by the musician Marco Brosolo and the filmmaker Matthias Fritsch with the aim to create events that connect the roots of cinematography to the present aesthetics of image, the live music production and the potential of new technology. From late 2009 the team was joined by Anastasia_X as producer, event coordinator and performer. Moving Silence wishes to constitute a poetic, intercultural and collaborative attempt in times of information overload. It embraces experimentation and merging between contemporary forms of visual and sound by inviting artists from different parts of the world to join in. Moving Silence events have taken place in different cities around and outside Europe.