[About the film]
The documentary follows the Technoviking phenomenon over 15 years from an experimental art film to a viral video that inspired an internet community to the creation of an art figure, thousands of remixes, besides countless other forms of commercial and non commercial reactions, and finally put the producer of the original artifact into the court room. Originally filmed in public space at a political demonstration and shared many  million users, the clip's images can't be removed anymore from the collective memory nor be deleted from the many servers that are located all around the world. The Monumentary film mashes up more than 30 Interviews with lawyers, academics, artists and fans with the meme's huge variety of online reactions. It shows the dilemma that is created when our fundamental right of free speech is in conflict with our fundamental right of the protection of our personality. And how can one make a film on a subject, that is not allowed to be publicly shown?

[Directors Statement]
Today almost every citizen is represented in the social media, for example with a Facebook account. There to publish, share and forward audiovisual material is the expected behavior by default. And automatically by this condition comes the violation of rights of third parties for uncleared copy rights and personality rights. Most of these violations are not even detected because of the massive amount of shared content. Only a small percentage ends up in front of a judge. But is the court room really the place to discuss new cultural phenomena like internet memes for example when the courts already have difficulties to understand modern art from the last century? How can a better way be achieved to deal with this new networked sharing culture and online behavior of citizens? What is the direction that our digital culture and society needs to develop in the future? How much freedom do we give new forms of art and culture and how much are we willing to accept loosing the control of our images and informations?

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