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  Kneecam No.1
also known as: TECHNOVIKING
by Matthias Fritsch
Video, 2000, color, sound, 4 min

description of the video
Real or set up? The camera as a voyeur in an extraordinary situation and level of intimacy.

Réel ou fait? Un segment bizarre de la Fuck Parade berlinoise.

Echt oder gestellt? Die Kamera als Voyeur in einer ungewöhnlichen Situation und Nähe.

As the first part of a series of videos about the role of the camera this clip questiones the the authenticity of a filmed scene.

Part 2 "Buscam"
Part 3 "Datacam"

  What is the video of TECHNOVIKING?
It is a short video produced by Matthias Fritsch in 2000 at the Fuckparade in Berlin. In 2007 the video was discovered by the You-Tube community and posted by users in various other platforms. After being linked and discussed in different web sites and internet forums it got uploaded on break.com, a big american mediaportal "for guys" were the video had it's peak on September 28th with more than a million viewers in one day.

In the following 6 months more than 10 Million people watched the Video under the new name of "Techno Viking" and more then 700 remix versions and responses of the video were published. There are many videos where people stage the video and reanact it in their homes, clubs or on the streets.

The video is censored since 2013. Because of a judgement in Berlin's high court it is not possible for Matthias Fritsch to show the original video anymore. read details
  The original Music
There are hundreds of Technoviking videos with all kind of music in the internet, but originally the DJ in the background played two techno tracks and after years of searching fans tracked down the originals:

Track 1:
Artist: Can-D-Music
Album/Track: Navigator
Label: Low Spirit Recordings 1999

Track 2:
Artist: Winstan vs. Noia
Track: Save Changes And Exit
Album: Auto Detect EP
Label: 4sale Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Year: 2001

Matthias Fritsch researched the internet history of the video until it became popular and build up a large archive with focus on the meme. The results are presented in lectures were he also shows the most interesting video responses. From his experiences on the TechnoViking Phenomenon Fritsch developed his following Work Music from the Masses.
technoviking archive at wahlheimat
Exhibition View of Technoviking-Archive, Nancyhalle, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2009
Basic Concept by Matthias Fritsch und Annabel Lange, Design & Installation by Oliver Boeg / Team Wahlheimat