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  ODYSSEY 2003
documentary, 2006, color, stereo, 67-80 min

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Matthias and Melissa met first time through an email of a filmfestival. A bit later they traveled to the other side of the world and decided to have a family. A film about the split between freedom and responsibility.

Odyssey 2003
is a documentary with fictional elements and dramaturgy filmed in 2003 and 2004 in the USA, Kanada, the Netherlands and Germany.
The film can be presented in the normal cinema setting with a 4-3 screen or a wide panoramic screen which is created by three projectors. also in an exhibition space as a 90 min loop with a seperate room. After the film’s duration (exhibition version is 80 min) there is a 10min break for a short change of the audience.

Matthias Fritsch (director, camera, cut, prod., actor), Melissa de Raaf (actress, author), Bianca Oswald (sounddesign), Tim Eastman (sounddesign), Magnus Goebel (3D-Animation)

cinematic setting with wide screen (created by three video projectors) in the end of the film