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Installation shot @ "Dark Habitats Dark Ecology" at Spektrum, Berlin, June 2017
Design concept for a global city, Matthias Fritsch, 2017
  A sustainable society leaves its culture and environment in the same or better conditions for the society to come compared to past conditions. The city of the future has to function within its own borders in balance with its habitats and limited resources. Circles of matters have to be closed.

This concept is based on the hypothesis that humankind will continue to grow and balance at a population of more than 20 billion people.

The concept includes different modules which regulate basic aspects of an urban system and its inhabitants towards a sustainable existence:

1. Living in Levels - city planning
2. Transport in Spheres - traffic planning
3. Amendments - daily routines

The concepts are complemented with practical solutions which were developed and tested by Matthias Fritsch. They can help in the transition to an Ecopolis with tools of the present.

  Ecopolis Furniture
Installation shot @ "The Soil we live of" in Group Global 3000, Berlin, August 2018