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Ecopolis Furniture
View towards south
Large forest garden, agricultural research and commons project, since 2020, project website: Waldgartenpilot.de/en/

The "Waldgartenpilot Rehfelde" is a community project that aims to transform an area of 2.7 hectare in the vicinity of Berlin into a place of food production that is both ecologically and economically successful, and to make these steps comprehensible and replicable for future initiatives as a pilot project. The idea for a forest garden at this location goes back to the initiator Ramos. Matthias has been part of the core team since spring 2020 and cofounded the project in Rehfelde-Dorf.

The forest garden concept is designed for 120 years and is in the initiation phase. From December 2020 to January 2021, the project's first successful crowdfunding campaign ran on Startnext. In this, the funds still needed to finance the space and also the first money for the basic equipment were collected. In the future, the project will be transferred into an appropriate organisational form to belong to itself. thereby, this cross-generational duration can be made possible and possibility of land speculation by individuals can be prevented. It is also planned to create a solidarity farm to market the yields. The development is accompanied scientifically by different universities and by Matthias Fritsch over the coming decades.

Winter on the northern area
  Ecopolis Furniture
Forest garden team shooting the crowdfunding video
Ecopolis Furniture
Wetland area in the winter

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