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org. title: WILDWECHSEL
Triptychon of 3 videographies, no sound
Matthias Fritsch, 2007

watch video preview (QuickTime, low resolution): Triptichon
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In his group of videographies „wildwechsel“ - a German word which describes the movement of animals in nature - Matthias Fritsch shows us well-known motifs from images of police in the daily press during the 2007 G8 conference in Heiligendamm, Germany. The decontextualisation of those images remind us of animal and landscape photography. The titles and arrangements of unusual places don’t show the normal space of representation of state power and provide the viewer with a sense of irony.

(Text excerpt translated from catalogue of exhibition .temp, Karlsruhe, July 2007)
The videographies refer to photography and should presented in a high resulution setup. The audience should not cause any shadow on the images.

technical requirements

resolution of the videos:
from 1280x720 pix up to 2000x1500 pix,
screen ratio variable
Monitor presentation:
3 simple Flatscreens Ratio: 4-3 or 16-9, 3 computers
3 HD-Projectors Ratio: 4-3 or 16-9, 3 computers, canvas for backprojection, dark room

Ant Trail

Migratory Birds
deer pass - nieuve vide - haarlem
Installation view from exhibition Body Double  in Nieuve Vide, Haarlm, March 2009, back projection on panorama format perspex board
  deer pass
deer pass

Installation view from exhibition anaDoma  in Galerie21, Braunschweig, January 2008, back projection on 3 plastic boards

Installation view from exhibition .temp, Karlsruhe, July 2007, back projection on wall of opera foil
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