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Ecopolis Furniture
installation room & video, Matthias Fritsch in collaboration with sunseeker e.V. at Haus der Statistik, 2020

The installation offers the opportunity to experience the bizarre world of mushrooms up close, to see differences between the stages of mushroom development and the various species. Many visitors described being in the installation with an experience similar to being in a coral reef, where you can be overwhelmed by new organic shapes and colors.
Mushrooms (fungi) form the third major kingdom of eukaryotic organisms, along with animals (Animalia) and plants (Plantae).

They are closer to animals than to plants. Most of them are decomposers and are at the end of the food chain, others form symbioses with plants from which both organisms benefit (mycorrhiza). They also form huge networks with structures similar to the Internet. In a world with increasing pollution and diminishing topsoils, fungi have great potential to solve some of the problems we face today. Examples include cleaning soils of organic pollutants, developing alternatives to plastic through the use of mycelium, or their many medicinal applications.
  MushRoom installation
Installation "MushRoom" at Säurelager in Haus der Statistik, Berlin, September 2020

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