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found footage video clip 2012, 10:00min
The video Technoviking Transmedia is basically showing excerpts from a collection of user videos that are refering to the Technoviking Meme by using artificial worlds (League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto IV, etc) or transfering and capturing the Meme in an other medium. The clips were collected between 2007 and 2011 by Matthias Fritsch, who researched the internet history of his video Kneecam No.1 aka Technoviking from it's production until it became a popular internet Meme with more than 30 million clicks on the internet causing more than four thousand video responses on Youtube.
Out of his research he created the Technoviking Archive. The archive contains images, emails, blogs, forum discussions and a selection of some hundered videoresponses which are categorized to show the different attempts of the Web 2.0's recycling culture. It presents very entertaining how alive and bizarre the recycling culture in the web 2.0 is and also shows the conditions of production of the creative users.

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All footage used in this film was
originally inspired by the video
Kneecam No.1 aka Technoviking
which was shot in 2000.

Excerpts were taken from the following videos,
published on the Internet between 2007 - 2011:

Flipbook - Techno viking
Raver's Remix
Techno Viking statue slide show
Mattias Technoviking
TechnoViking Animation Test
Technoviking vs The Annoying Orange
Techno Viking In Grand Theft Auto IV
GTA IV techno viking
Techno Viking Mark II Mod I
Aion - The TechnoViking is back @ Aionparade 2009
Olaf - Techno Viking Dance - League of Legends (LoL)
LoL Olaf - the Techno Viking!
The Techno Viking Returns this time in Skyrim!
Techno Viking Warcraft
TechnoViking WoW Machinima
Technoviking Entrance
Techno Viking vs_ Vernon Koekemoer
Tecno Viking WoW
Techno Viking: End of the Vorld Party

Music in the Uservideos was mainly taken from the song
Navigator by Can-D-Music from 1999 as it appeared in the
soundtrack of the video Kneecam No.1 or in the remixes
by ApacheeX and Benji3O3.

This video was edited in 2012 by Matthias Fritsch,
who also shot the original video Kneecam No.1